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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015

President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Friday authorizing the sanctions. Although the U.S. has already sanctioned North Korea over its nuclear program, these are the first sanctions punishing Pyongyang for alleged cyberattacks.

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Things will become even more complicated for Rousseff inFebruary when the Supreme Court is expected to reveal the namesof dozens of politicians who allegedly received funds from morethan $3 billion in kickbacks skimmed from the coffers ofPetroleo Brasileiro SA, as Petrobras is formally known.

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"Good practices, including child-specific procedures, are in evidence within the asylum system. However, in the context of the increasing numbers of asylum applicants in Ireland and across the EU, it is timely to ensure that service provision to this particularly vulnerable group is robust and that national oversight exists," commented the report's author, Emma Quinn.

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Really, it’s hard to pass even a partial judgment on the Giants’ free-agent Class of 2014. Their hopes were so high when they broke from their usual form and were as active as any team in the free-agent market. There were no market-busting deals. In fact, their most lucrative signing was cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (five years, $35 million, with $13.98 million guaranteed). But there were a lot of smaller deals on significant players.

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Nine countries have now reported cases of Ebola. In Britain,a nurse was diagnosed with the virus this week upon her returnfrom Sierra Leone. She is being treated with blood plasma from asurvivor of the virus and an experimental antiviral drug, theLondon hospital treating her said on Wednesday

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-- Even if Mara said that “a year ago, I didn’t know Ben McAdoo from Bob McAdoo,” and he wasn’t hired as offensive coordinator with the intent that he would be Coughlin’s eventual replacement, he’s positioned now to be Coughlin’s replacement. Also, if the Giants fired Coughlin, they would likely have lost McAdoo (they could not have promoted him yet) and forced Eli Manning to play in his third system in three years. I believe the Giants now look at McAdoo as a top candidate to replace Coughlin.

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Those seven players alone were signed to contracts worth more than $88 million last spring and not one of them was able to contribute at full strength for a full season with the Giants. It led many to conclude that their spending spree was a big waste.

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Seven bodies have been pulled from the sea so far, anofficial said. Two of those bodies have been flown to Surabayafor identification. Tatang Zaenudin, another search and rescueofficial, said earlier that one of the bodies had been foundwearing a life jacket but he later said no victim had beenrecovered with a life jacket on.

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The crime rate always fluctuates, but this time the improvements are getting major attention because of the circumstances. The city's old police department was dissolved in 2013 and replaced with a force run by the county government. The change also brought the end of collective bargaining agreements that officials said were too expensive.

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Moutier also notes that while Alcorn's note focuses on the external circumstances that led her to kill herself - what she felt was a lack of acceptance by her religious parents - it only touches on the mental health problems that underlie more than 90% of suicides.


NEW YORK (AP) — A million people crammed into New York's Times Square ushered in 2015 with cheers, hugs and kisses after the glittering New Year's Eve ball descended from high above and a ton of confetti wafted down onto revelers below.

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He was replaced by 10-year journeyman Kyle Orton who finished the season as the starter. Orton, however, surprised the team Monday when he announced his intention to retire rather than return for another season.

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The Knicks won 54 games under Woodson two years ago, their best record since 1997. But Garden chairman James Dolan abruptly fired general manager Glen Grunwald on the eve of training camp last year. Grunwald was Woodson’s greatest ally and almost immediately Dolan turned Woodson into a lame duck coach.

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Alaska's new law takes effect in late February, putting the state on a nine-month clock to establish regulations governing the taxation and sale of marijuana. Applications for the first business licenses would not be accepted until February 2016.

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The court can avoid future defeats of the type it just suffered by refraining from indicting serving leaders unless one or both of two criteria are met, and never at its own discretion. The first is if a country refers its own leader. Such a referral signals a willingness to deliver the leader to the court, ensuring it will not suffer the embarrassment of being ignored.

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Prinsloo, one of the lingerie brand's 'Angels', was selected as the cover star, following her appearance last month at the runway show in London where she opened proceedings. It's the 25-year-old's first appearance on the brand's annual swimwear catalogue's cover.

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“Considering the importance of Christmas as the day that so many kids and gamers finally get to play the games they've been waiting to open, five extended days and 10% off of money that we have to spend is not reparations,” Nguyen, 25, said. “It's giving us what we deserved outright from the beginning and forcing us to spend more in the faulty tech company in order to reap the 10% benefit.”

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Police said seven people were arrested early in the parade and accused of attempting to interfere with the floats. Four people involved were protesters and carried signs in remembrance of Ezell Ford, a 25-year-old black man who was fatally shot by a Los Angeles Police Department officer in August, according to KNBC-TV.

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"When Stephen lost the use of muscles in his neck his head would fall forward and Jane would be talking to someone else and without even looking she would push his head back. She had a sixth sense for what was going on with his body all the time."

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The huddle and situation awareness are new concepts in healthcare and although it sounds simple, it's actually complex to execute - it's a change from the way people think and a change in culture.

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The study pointed out that if populations had maintained their average body mass index (BMI) of 30 years ago, one in four cases of cancer attributable to excess weight - around 118,000 cases - could have been prevented.

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Sony's commitment to the film comes after the company initially scrubbed its Christmas Day distribution in the midst of an infiltration of its computers and a threat from hackers of a "9/11-style" attack at theaters showing the $44 million film.

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Officials handed over Hayati Lutfiah Hamid’s body to relatives in a brief ceremony at a police hospital in Surabaya, Indonesia, where the plane took off. A relative wept and placed her hands on the dark wood casket bound for a nearby village.

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