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YES…SOUP|ART|BEER is still happening…

Posted: February 10th, 2010

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FOUR GOOD THINGS about having to postpone SOUP | ART | BEER…

Posted: February 8th, 2010

1. More time to collect amazing ingredients from the Glut Coop for our soups! (yes, that right. I said soups…more than one)

2. Digging a car out of the snow can sure make you thirsty! Good thing we’ll have plenty of beer.

3. The anticipation of having to wait…  can be quite exciting.

4. We’ve been snowed in for days. By now we ALL need to socialize. You’ll have 8 hours to come spend in the company of amazing artists and friends.

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SOUP | ART | BEER featured in

Posted: February 5th, 2010

Soup, unhealthy Art, ask Beer, and Gordon Matta-Clark

By Sarah Allison

Artists Mary Coble and Blithe Riley are hosting a benefit art event at Red Dirt Studio to raise funds for their next creative project to be realized in London. The proposed project entails revamping 100 vacant flats in a 1960s housing grounds into an art venue and exhibition platform before its demolition. Coble described their artistic role: “We will be modifying a section of the unit by responding to the environment, considering its history of as a housing project, its current state as empty relic, and its future as a vacant demolished lot. Our goal is to create a new work, inspired by and spontaneously generated from the surrounding environment and our interaction with community members.

“The piece may be composed of a choreographed series of movements by performers interacting with the space and video camera,” said Coble and Riley. “These movements will be informed by how the Market Estate architecture frames the body, by our experience in the space and relationship as outsiders, and the dynamic between interior/exterior/public/private experiences.”

Similar to the work of Gordon Matta-Clark — who uses abandoned structures as his raw materials — The Market Estate Project is destined for demolition. Asked about the inevitable destruction of the work, Coble noted, “That’s part of the content of the project. Working with video and performance is an ideal for this, as they are both time-based and mediums of disappearance. Part of the appeal of this project is to interact with something that is about to be gone. It adds a poetic layer to the project.”

Different from Matta Clark, Coble and Riley are focused more on the interaction and modification of perception of people with the space. “Confusing past, present, and future. More Dan Graham meets Matta-Clark!” said Coble and Riley.

Coble and Riley will be conducting The Market Estate Project transformation in late February. The fundraiser event is meant to raise money and encourage community involvement — hence the invitation for people to come together, chop up ingredients, eat soup, and enjoy a beer. At 5:30 p.m. and then again at 8:00 p.m. there will be a video presentation of the proposed project.

» Soup|Art|Beer Saturday, February 13 at 3:00-11:00pm. Red Dirt Studio 3706-08 Otis Street, Mt. Ranier, MD

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SOUP | ART | BEER Fundraiser

Posted: January 18th, 2010


Red Dirt Studio 2/6/10
Soup and Beer to HELP FUND NEW WORK

(Can’t make it? Still want to help out? Donate your $10 via paypal!)

DC Artists and Arts Lovers Unite!
Mary Coble and Blithe Riley invite you to eat, drink, and be merry at a community event at Red Dirt Studio in Mt. Ranier, MD. Proceeds from this event will help Coble and Riley complete their next collaborative project in London!

Coble (DC) and Riley (NYC) were invited to London to create a new piece at The Market Estate Project, an event transforming 100 empty flats in a 1960s housing estate in London into an art production site and exhibition arena, right before its slated demolition. They will live and work as site in this mostly vacant complex for two weeks in late February.

What: Soup, Beer, Presentation & Screening, Raffle, & Good People
Where: Red Dirt Studio: 3706-08 Otis Street, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712
When: 3pm – 11pm
How Much: $10 all you can drink + soup is free (what a bargain!)

SCHEDULE  (Come by anytime!!)

Soup Making. Join us for chopping veggies and good conversation! Feel free to bring soup ingredients.

5:30 & 8:00pm:
Short video screening & presentation of the proposed London project.

Kegs must be kicked. Beds will be calling.

A special thanks to the Glut Food Co-op for their generous soup ingredient donations.

Questions? Contact Mary Coble (

Red Dirt Studio
Glut Food Co-op

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