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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015

Bono's arm was shattered in six places. Doctors inserted three metal plates and 18 screws to repair the injury. He required hours of surgery for fractures and has had extensive therapy. But he is expected to make a full recovery.

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Lysenko gave no details of the circumstances of the attack but he said there had been frequent shelling and mortar attacks by separatists in areas of eastern Ukraine, including around the international airport in the big industrial city of Donetsk.

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His urbane tones were heard on a variety of other documentaries and on hundreds of audio books including Laura Hillenbrand's "Unbroken." He had recently narrated a documentary on cancer, Rory Herrmann said.


Both fighters will take it slow from the start and feel the other out, but look for Jones to use his unorthodox striking from the standing position to score points and wear the challenger down. Jones like to a throw kicks at opponents' legs, which definitely add up as the fight heads into the latter rounds.

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Around fifty family and friends gathered on the green at Tamerton Foliot this morning to lay flowers for 27 year old Tanis Bhandari. He had left the Kings Arms pub with two friends when they were attacked with an axe and a knife just ninety minutes into the new year. The police say they were picked on at random.

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If your ideal retirement lifestyle is seaside, consider Vina del Mar, Chile’s premier oceanfront resort, attracting visitors from across the country and around the world. At today’s exchange rate, you could own a two-bedroom, two bath condo in this world-class setting for less than $200,000.

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“It’s important that you don’t overthink it in that moment and feel like you deserve a better result at that point, because this is hockey,” Lundqvist said of seeing Wednesday’s lead cut to 3-2. “Things will happen, they'll come back, and the most important thing was we responded right away with a big goal. It feels good to come back right away with a win, not to overthink a lot of things after a loss — just come back and play our game.”

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The stock index gained 23.4 percent in 2014 after rising 4.8percent in the previous year. It has lost 3.5 percent since Nov.19 when President Mahinda Rajapaksa announced his decision tohold a snap presidential election on Jan. 9.

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More than 500 artists wrote to Cuban President Raul Castro yesterday calling for the release of a colleague who was detained for a third time in three days in a crackdown that has tested a new detente with the United States.

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Prior to that, she had also proposed that a tax could be charged on every new radio sold, with the money used to help finance the BBC, and an amendment so that people would not have to pay the licence fee if they only watched ITV.

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Customers register on the app and link their credit card, paying by scanning the code with their phones, and confirming the payment with a PIN or fingerprint. The merchant receives confirmation of the payment on their nominated phone.

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According to ESPN, Thursday's College Football Playoff Semifinal doubleheader had the highest overnight ratings ever for a non-championship game on ESPN and ABC. Each game was also the highest-rated New Year's Day college football game ever on an ESPN.

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Sorting truth from hype is difficult. CBD shows enough promise that two drug companies are studying it for childhood seizures with support from U.S. regulators, but those results will take years. For now, mainstream medicine regards Charlotte's Web as a folk remedy deserving of caution.

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Iran's deputy foreign minister urged regional rival Saudi Arabia on Thursday to take action to support oil prices, saying producer countries across the Middle East will be hurt unless the price slump is reversed.

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The Facebook post by Palin, who was the Republican vice presidential nominee in 2008, drew more than 12,000 comments by midday Friday, ranging from cries of animal abuse to those seconding Palin's praise for the youngest of her five children.

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But Brandon was up to the challenge when he tackled the 17x17x17. It took him seven-and-a-half hours to solve the puzzle, which he completed over the course of five days. I was actually relieved to hear he didn't solve this Rubik's Cube in one sitting. That would have been even crazier than this story already is.

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Luring DeCosta away from Baltimore, where he is considered Ozzie Newsome’s successor, was always going to be a longshot, but that didn’t mean the Jets couldn’t dream. It’s safe to assume that DeCosta would have gotten the Jets GM job had he wanted it. Widely respected around the league, DeCosta would have brought a legitimacy to a Jets front office that needs to rehabilitate its image.

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Bodies plucked from the sea are being taken in numbered coffins to Surabaya, where relatives of the victims, most of whom were Indonesian, have gathered. Authorities have been collecting DNA from relatives to help identify the bodies.

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In an interview with the German financial newspaperHandelsblatt, ECB President Mario Draghi said the central bankwas less likely to preserve price stability than it was sixmonths ago, suggesting it was ready to act early this year.

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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which oversees the industry, said the move would lower costs for most borrowers and ensure that charges are proportionate to the size and duration of the loan.

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“There’s a tough balancing act there you have to do (constructing a lineup),” Vigneault said Tuesday after practice outside Dallas, before flying to Fort Lauderdale for Wednesday night’s game. “The most important thing at that time is that game, and the two points that are up for grabs. But also, when you look at the big picture and the 82 game and the decisions you make, (it can be about) where a player is now and where a player might be, and that might improve your team, so that’s the tough balancing act.”

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"For that hot mic to come out and for people to see that side of me, it was kind of a relief," Jones said. "Because it's like, you know what? I am a Christian and I do try to carry my image in a certain light, because I think it's important for the people I inspire and for endorsements. But at the same time, this is who I am. I will swear. I will tell a guy who told me he would spit in my face that I would kill him. I would call him the names I called him. It was a bad hit in a way, but also relieving that people could see, 'Whoa, Jones has a little ratchetness in him.' They finally got to see that."

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