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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015

Initially modeled as a mob wife, Anna is Abel's risk-taker, willing to push the lines of ethics and morals further than her husband. Chastain scored a Golden Globe best supporting actress nomination for her role.

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For more than 20 years, CNET has been telling stories of the technology, people and companies reshaping our lives. CNET is the world's #1 tech media brand, with tens of millions of people visiting its news and reviews site each month to find the products, people and stories that matter. CNET offers the best advice for living with technology and covers every aspect of consumer technology, from personal and automotive tech to home and smart appliance tech. CNET recently launched CNET Magazine, a premium print magazine, and CNET en Espafor Spanish speakers in the U.S. and beyond. Follow CNET and CNET en Espaon Twitter (@CNET and @CNET_es) and on Facebook ( and CNET and CNET en Espanol are properties of CBS Interactive.

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ABUJA, Jan 2 (Reuters) - Parents of 200 Nigerian schoolgirlskidnapped by Islamist rebels in April said they were appealingdirectly to the United Nations for help after losing hope thatthe Nigerian government would rescue them.

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Once, with another Jets owner in another time, the owner couldn’t believe his team’s good fortune that a coach from another team, one with a record a lot better than Doug Marrone’s was at Syracuse or with the Buffalo Bills, had suddenly become available. That coach was Rich Kotite.

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"Physicians should do all they can to control every other modifiable cardiovascular risk factor in patients with asthma," commented the scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health.

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So why not just lift the embargo? After all, the unassailable strategic rationale for isolating Cuba — in the Soviets’ mortal global struggle with us, Cuba enlisted as a highly committed enemy beachhead 90 miles from American shores — evaporated with the collapse of the Soviet empire. A small island with no significant independent military capacities, Cuba became geopolitically irrelevant.

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Three people were injured Wednesday outside the Rose Bowl in California when freak winds whipped away a bouncy house and sent pop-up tents flying less than 24 hours before the big game between Oregon and Florida State.

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De Niro, renowned for his work in “Raging Bull” and “Goodfellas,” expressed confidence in his fellow city residents during this period of mourning. “At times like these, New Yorkers know what to do,” he said. “Thank you for joining me in contributing to the Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos families.”

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"I apologize for the harshness of my language, but I am firm in where I stand. I will gladly go to any lengths to protect and safeguard the integrity and truth of my story, my life, my character and my legacy."

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The results, which are due to be publicly announced in thecoming weeks, reaffirms Huawei's continued ascent in the globalsmartphone war but also the sharpening competition between asmall group of contenders, including Xiaomi and LG Electronics, whose growth rates are eclipsing those of theindustry's leaders.

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Why are journalists only telling the half of truth? Of course Putin, le Pen and some others are fitting very well together with Putin but why? Because he was founding his activity on illegal trades. No wishes knowing the truth only the continuous fly forward. He rules the state that owns the whole wealth of the country gold, diamond, platin, rare metals and so and… Would you ride this crazy horse if you don’t have the tentation leaving EU?

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Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon leads the nation with 2,336 yards rushing and finished second in Heisman Trophy balloting. He poses quite a challenge for a defense that ranked ninth overall in the Southeastern Conference. The junior has already declared for the NFL draft was limited to 76 yards in the Big Ten title game and is 292 shy of the FBS single-season rushing record Barry Sanders set at Oklahoma State in 1988.

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Gagne, a senior at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, was taken to Cape Cod Hospital where was later pronounced dead, the statement said. It said the incident was under investigation and it was not known why Gagne was in the road or his condition.

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The rant over multiple tweets marked a reversal from Schultz's previous glowing public support of the film over the past few months —including plugs on his Twitter account as recently as Dec. 21.

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He said that after he regains his strength he may return to Sierra Leone to continue treating Ebola patients. Ebola survivors are generally believed to be immune to future infection from the strain that made them sick.

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Rodriguez and Scurtis, according to the complaint, “went about acquiring adjoining and/or neighboring properties in the ”Edgewater’ neighborhood of Miami,” shortly after forming the business partnership, which established both A-Rod and Scurtis as limited partners, and ACREI LLC as the general partner.

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"Then there came a moment when I lost consciousness of what was going on around me and I don't remember anything that happened for about two weeks," he said, thanking those who cared for him during his illness.

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Members of Ireland's Traveller community tend to have higher rates of asthma and poorer control of the condition compared to the general population, however a new health initiative aims to tackle this problem.

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The five year old insurgency has killed thousands of people,displaced more than a million and raised fears voting inpresidential elections on February 14 will be impossible acrossstretches of the northeast.

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