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3 Channel Video Installation, thumb 2010. 30 minutes

Pile was made at the Market Estate Project, sale an exhibition and residency in a housing project that was slated for demolition in Northeast London. As artists in residence we spent three-weeks living and working on site, click simultaneously watching the last remaining residents move out of the building.

With each move, piles of personal items  accumulated in the hallways and stairwells of the building complex.  Initially we looked at the piles for clues into the lives of the residents, but quickly realized that discarded items tell very little about the lives and history of the place.

We came to look at the piles as artifacts of this soon to be demolished housing project that failed to successfully house its residents safely and securely. These are records of failure. The people we have talked to have many different ideas for why this place failed the stigma, its poor upkeep, the residents, the building design. Regardless of the reasons, the fact remains that despite the high expectations for this place when it was built, it did fail. Our piece is a meditation on this failure in this odd moment in the buildings history.

Installation shots from the exhibition “Sweet Jesus” at the Lemp Brewery in St. Louis, MO

(3-D Render of another possible installation configuration)

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