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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015

“Multi-family housing starts have rebounded back to normalsince the downturn, mostly due to the strong demand for renting,” says NAR’s Yun,who also notes that renter households have increased by 4 million since 2010, while homeowner households have decreased by 1 million.

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There have been frogs that swallowed their eggs and brooded them in the stomach, a species in which the male broods the eggs in his vocal sac, and many species that carry eggs and tadpoles in pouches on their backs and sides, he said.


Vargos Llosa's novel, The Discreet Hero, has taken two years to translate into English. A best-seller in his home country of Peru, it follows two businessmen - one the victim of extortion, and one whose children want to kill him.

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Stock markets in Asia were relatively calm with China,Japan, Thailand and the Philippines all on holiday. Australia'smain index and South Korea's both added 0.5 percent and Hong Kong gained 0.8 percent.

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So getting over some past relationship from 2014, and starting fresh in 2015 requires more work than just firing up Tinder and lining up more dates. It may be more useful to step out of the city’s romantic whirlwind for a little while to figure out why you carry around that emotional burden.

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“Many children continue to have problems with pain after surgery, but we were excited to find that some factors may help us identify before surgery which children could have more problems, so that we can help these families in advance,” she said.

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To which Nancy Macri Kennedy of Huntington Station, L.I., remarked: “It is gestures like Forkin’s that instill my faith in people. Thank you to all the Voicers who sometimes brighten, sometimes darken, but always enlighten my day.”

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SEOUL, Jan 1 (Reuters) - South Korean exports grew more thanexpected in December but protracted weakness in Europe andChina is clouding the prospects for 2015, keeping the door openfor further policy easing by the central bank.

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* While the market has had an upward bias sincemid-December, with the S&P rising in seven of the past 10sessions, many portfolio managers and traders make adjustmentsto their holdings early in the new year. The S&P is about 1.5percent away from its record close, and market participants willbe questioning whether current levels are justified.

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"These two main characters are insanely optimistic; everybody's running out of the burning building that is New York City, and they saved up money for 10 years and they're deciding to plant their flag. That is capitalism," Chandor said.

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