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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015

Despite its popularity, Snapchat has recently been struggling to find its financial footing. To do so — andstrengthen ties with Wall Street investors — Snapchat just hired Imran Khan as its first chief strategy officer. Reporting directly to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, Khan is expected to start at theend of January.

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The stock index gained 23.4 percent in 2014 after rising 4.8percent in the previous year. It has lost 3.5 percent since Nov.19 when President Mahinda Rajapaksa announced his decision tohold a snap presidential election on Jan. 9.

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I love the fact that people assume that if Daniel takes me down he wins the fight. I love how people assume that he needs to get close to me and then I'm suddenly at some type of a disadvantage. Honestly man I'm so secure in my abilities as a fighter; in the clinch, dirty-boxing, my jiu-jitsu, my top game, my bottom game, about my wrestling.

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The researchers thought the trait of impulsive aggression, which has been linked to suicidality, might explain the offspring's suicide risk, but it didn't. Instead, impulsive aggression predicted the presence of mood disorders, which in turn partly explained the increased suicide risk.

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As per the planned update schedule, week two of the beta will be swapping out the Slayer maps Truth and Empire for Regret and Eden, and Battle Rifle starts will (thankfully) be replacing Assault Rifles as the starting weapon.

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Long regarded as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, Carell thinks that coming to fame after years in the showbiz trenches has helped him keep perspective. “By that point I knew what was important to me in life and the people that were important, namely my family,” he notes. “That’s what I had, it’s what I still have, and what I’ll always have.”

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Among the coaches, Bowles is expected to be one of the more popular candidates this search season. Bowles, who played for Washington while Casserly was the GM, is in his second season as the Cardinals defensive coordinator. Though the Cardinals ranked 24th in total defense this year, they finished fifth in points allowed. Bowles spent one year as the Jets’ secondary coach in 2000.

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The Paediatric Retrieval Service can transfer seriously ill children, up to the age of 16, from hospitals anywhere in Ireland to Dublin's Temple Street Children's Hospital and Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin.

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Carmelo Anthony plans to play after being held out of the second half of Sunday’s loss in Portland with recurring knee pain, while Andrea Bargnani expects to finally make his season debut after missing the first 33 games with hamstring and calf issues.

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Mukwege said in a statement that staff had gone on strike onDec. 31 and the crisis was threatening the hospital's ability tobuy medicines. "We need to act urgently, in the interests ofpatients who we must provide better care for and in theinterests of staff at Panzi who have not been paid," he said.

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The Airbus A320 crashed into the Java Sea on Sunday with 162 people on board. Sixteen bodies have been recovered so far. Seven were announced Friday morning, six of which were found by a U.S. Navy ship, said Suryadi B. Supriyadi, operation coordinator for the National Search and Rescue Agency.

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Florida's Miami-Dade County will lead the competitivecalendar when it issues $226 million of Building BetterCommunities bonds, a voter-approved program to help fundneighborhood and regional capital projects in the county. Thebonds will be used to refund bonds from the program's 2005series, according to bond documents. (Reporting By Robin Respaut; Additional reporting by LisaLambert; Editing by Paul Simao)

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The Dow Jones industrial average, after climbingearly in the session, was down 32.05 points, or 0.18 percent, to17,791.02, the S&P 500 lost 8.14 points, or 0.4 percent,to 2,050.76 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 32.44points, or 0.68 percent, to 4,703.62.

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After becoming a viral star by leading a question-and-answer forum on Reddit about what it's like to have two penises, a man who calls himself "Diphallic Dude" and "Double D- -k Dude," has written a memoir of his members and the rare medical condition called diphallia that created them.

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ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tensions are rising in South Sudan as displaced pastoralists migrate onto lands occupied by farming communities, stoking a new series of conflicts in the war-torn nation and threatening food supplies, a United Nations official said on Friday.


Putin offers just what far right today wants. In Western Europe, the economic downturn and the EU’s austerity policies have contributed to a rise of public anger about everything from liberalism to immigration. Putin, who has built his political career on rebuilding the prestige of Moscow, has created a model for regaining grandeur that they are keen to follow. Similarly, they see the assertive ethno-nationalism in Russia as an answer to Europe’s woes.

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At a weekly workshop in Manhattan called The Path, dozens of professionals gather for early-morning guided meditation. Afterwards they meet, mingle, and make business and maybe even romantic connections.

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The draft resolution, which was introduced by Jordan on behalf of the Palestinians, set a one-year deadline for negotiations with Israel: established targets for Palestinian sovereignty, including a capital in East Jerusalem; and called for the "full and phased withdrawal of Israeli forces" from the West Bank by the end of 2017.

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Things have got so out of hand that you can actually pay to bypass normal security lines at the airport - $85 and a background check will give you the right to keep your laptop in your bag and your shoes on your feet.

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Having enough emergency savings stored away to handle unexpectedexpenses, from a root canal to a car accident, can prevent those kind of eventsfrom sending you deep into credit card debt. To begin building your nest egg, start small by saving just $5 a day and slowly ramp that up overtime. To make it easier, consider automating transfers into savings accountseach month.

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Analysts said that what central bankers in Europe, Japan and China might to do help their economies would also play a critical role. European and Japanese policymakers are expected to act to stimulate their economies, which would bring their record low yields even lower.

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As the stars of The Theory of Everything are keen to point out, the film is not a straight biopic of the author of A Brief History of Time. It's more the story of how his marriage was shaped and tested by the extremes of illness and academic success.

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I reckon trains offer a very reasonable service for the money. There is enormous investment to ease overcrowding and this has to be paid for. I know many foreigners who are blown away by the excellent service we have in the UK. Some people will moan about anything it seems.

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Abbas signed onto the ICC and 20 other international agreements a day after a resolution that called for an end to Israeli occupation by 2017 failed to win sufficient support at the United Nations Security Council.

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These are tiny devices weighing about half a gram, which measure light levels. Based on the timing and length of the days they record, these gadgets allow scientists to calculate and track the approximate location of migratory birds.

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With his eyes on the prize, Jon said the no-pop challenge wasn’t very difficult. He never had a weak moment. The hardest part was maintaining his diligence and not accidentally accepting a pop at a friend’s house.

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“The Cassation Prosecution asked for a retrial, and we put forward our basic points: that the court applied the law incorrectly, because it was formed illegally. It ignored the defense, and believed that everyone working at Al Jazeera belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, and that is illogical,” explained defendant lawyer Rajaa Awni.

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Those cuts, however, are likely to complicate what is expected to be another tough year for Brazil’s economy, given sluggish growth worldwide and a domestic marketplace increasingly accustomed to government largesse.

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Uber Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Travis Kalanick works with fourth graders during Cooking Matters, a nutrition class taught by 18 Reasons, a local partner of Share our Strength at Glen Park Elementary School in San Francisco, California, December 10, 2014.

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The hit came after Callahan, who is listed at just 5-9 and 185 pounds on the official Baylor roster, had a fourth-quarter field goal attempt blocked. As he tried to act like a real football player and chase after the ball, Callahan got blindsided, flew through the air and then slumped over on the turf.

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McCollum was found guilty and sentenced to death at her first trial but later avoided execution by winning an insanity plea. She was eventually moved to a state mental hospital. In 1974 she was freed after the state's high court found her legally insane, meaning her sentence was commuted. She died in 1992.

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With nearly half of all influenza-related hospitalizations coming in those age 65 and older, the agency is recommending the flu vaccine as a first line of defense, but the vaccine may not protect against all strains so other precautions are recommended as well.

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The U.S. dollar index .DXY was stronger on Friday. The combination of the supply glut and the strong dollar has been a "double whammy" for crude oil prices, said Walter Zimmerman, chief technical analyst at United-ICAP.

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"Those meetings were among the most unpleasant of my life... Not only were they long, but they involved her yelling alot," he said, adding he had to leave Petrobras after losingfavor with Rousseff because he opposed some projects that shesupported.

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“For us to win in such an emotional and dramatic fashion like you just saw out there, really just I think with all the guys coming back, all the juniors, really just makes us feel good and brings us closer together,” said Cook, who threw a 10-yard TD pass to Keith Mumphery with 17 seconds left.

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And when de Blasio, who often calls the NYPD the finest department on Earth, uses a high-profile, highly charged moment to declare he fears for his son when he encounters police officers, many cops feel he’s speaking with a forked tongue.

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The Institute for Supply Management, a trade group of purchasing managers, said Friday that its manufacturing index fell to 55.5 in December from 58.7 in November. Any reading above 50 signals expansion. November's figure was just below a three-year high reached in October.

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Gravel's appointment comes two months after Alaska and Oregon voted to legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes in ballot initiatives that would usher in a network of retail shops, similar to those operating in Washington state and Colorado.

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The woman making the allegations claims that between 1999 and 2002 she " was forced to have sexual relations with this prince when she was a minor" in London, New York and on a private Caribbean island owned by Epstein.

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“I think we’ve been doing a lot of really good things, but the best part about it is we can keep getting better,” Daniels said. “When you watch the tape, you’re like, ”Oh, wow, we could’ve done this better. We could’ve done that better.’ You’ve got a few of those every game, and we’re still playing solid football. So that’s the best part about it.”

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Leitgeb joined the US bank on December 15, according to hisregistration with the FCA. He was previously at Commerzbank,where he worked as a corporate bond trader, and before that atUBS as a corporate and financials flow trader.

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Life today proceeds at breakneck pace. But in two famously lengthy experiments, scientists may wait up to a decade to observe pitch - the black muck left over from distilling crude oil - dropping from a funnel. A scientist who oversaw the best known experiment of this kind died without ever catching the pitch drip. Despite the curious nature of the research, these longest of long-term projects might help us understand how glass behaves and plan for the safe disposal of nuclear waste.

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Strong winds and heavy seas have stopped divers from lookingfor the fuselage of the Airbus A320-200, which plungedinto the water on Sunday while en route from Indonesia'ssecond-biggest city Surabaya to Singapore with 162 people onboard.

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It’s a point that bears repeating in light of the allegations being made against comedian Bill Cosby by a near score of women who have come forward with claims that he abused them years or even decades ago.

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The ECB's first major policy meeting of the year is on 22 January. Another clue to the ECB's likely actions comes next week, when we get a first estimate for eurozone inflation in December.

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On Dec. 23, the New York-based company said Co-Chairman Nader Tavakoli would become interim chief executive officer on Jan. 1. He will replace Diana Adams, who is resigning "by mutual agreement" with the board after 3-1/2 years as CEO, Ambac said.

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We learned that a newly elected mayor, who last year won three out of four votes in a low-turnout election, could struggle to win the confidence of the broader city through snowstorms and the far more tumultuous political storms that followed.

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Police stood guard at Shanghai No. 1 People's Hospital, where many of the injured were being treated. Earlier, desperate relatives had tried to push past guards at a hospital, state media photos showed. Guards had to use a bench to hold them back.

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He also said the risk of the central bank not fulfilling itsprice stability mandate was higher now than half a year ago, andreiterated its readiness to act soon if needed, with governmentbond purchases among the tools it could use.

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