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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015

The year’s mega auto event will unveil at least 40 new cars and trucks, making it one of the largest auto shows in the world. That number excludes about five additional vehicles that aren’t new to the world, but will be shown for the first time to a North American audience.

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BRINDISI, Italy, Jan 2 (Reuters) - Tug boats hauled theburnt-out hulk of a ferry that caught fire off the coast ofGreece into a southern Italian port on Friday, opening the wayfor an investigation into the blaze that killed at least 11people.

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Pegula said the team will immediately begin searching for a coach. One candidate might already be on the staff in defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who previously spent five seasons coaching the Detroit Lions.

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The gunman took off, where he was later apprehended in a patch of woods, while the driver of the SUV took off and hid a few miles up the road before turning himself in about 90 minutes after the shootout.

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"I know you're happy, cause I can see it," Kanye sings. "I talked to God about you / He said he sent you an angel / Look at all that he gave you / You asked for one and you got two."

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In a perfect world, Twitter and other social media platforms have the potential to allow early release of important research findings and to offer a crowd-sourced alternative to traditional peer review, Roland said.

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Hadi Mustofa Djuraid, a Transport Ministry official, told reporters that authorities were investigating the possibility that the pilot did not ask for a weather report from the meteorological agency at the time of takeoff.

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Data showed unemployment rose to 10.2 percent in December,compared with 8.7 percent in November and 9.5 percent inDecember 2013. Under seasonally-adjusted EU definitions, therate is 5.1 percent, second-lowest in the bloc after Germany.

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In terms of numbers, video game software sales in the UK rose by 7.5% to 2.45 billion last year. This breaks down with physical video game sales dropping 6.6% year-on-year to 948.5 million, while digital games rose 18.8% to 1.5 billion.

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NEW YORK, Jan 2 (Reuters) - U.S. stock index futures pointedto a higher open on Friday as equities looked to rebound from asharp decline in the previous session, though moves and volumewere likely to remain tepid as the holiday week draws to aclose.

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The extent of the corruption at Petrobras became apparent after Paulo Roberto Costa, its former refining chief, was arrested on March 20. He testified that he helped orchestrate a kickback scheme with a "cartel" of construction companies that inflated prices on work they did.

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Investors have speculated that QE would have the strongesteffect on the euro zone's weakest economies -- Greece, Spain,Portugal and Italy -- and their stock markets posted the biggestgains on Friday.

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He said: "I didn't want people to think that song was a cheap shot because it sounded like a hit. Before I give you my most personal piece of work, I'm giving you this to dance and I'm giving you this as therapy."

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Nearly $2.2 billion of new bond and note issuance isscheduled to sell next week from the negotiated calendar, while$1.15 billion of sales will come from the competitive calendar,Thomson Reuters data shows.

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don’t re-sign defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul or safety Antrel Rolle. But last year at this time they were essentially starting from scratch as they tried to rebuild on the fly around franchise quarterback Eli Manning.

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As I travelled between Kashgar and a neighbouring city on a public bus, I witnessed young Uighur men obediently filing off at police checkpoints so that their phones could be checked for religious materials.

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