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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015

The internet has proven a formidable tool for highlighting instances of sexism. Indeed, one of the most popular recurring hashtags of 2014 was #EverydaySexism, designed to call out regular instances of gender discrimination.

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While some reinsurance buyers were willing to payabove-market prices to maintain relationships with key partners,and some reinsurers were unwilling to cut prices, small andsingle-business line reinsurers were facing particularly toughcompetition, Willis said.

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Last year John Mara described the offense as “broken,” and an offensive coordinator who helped win two Super Bowls with Eli — Kevin Gilbride — lost his job to a hot kid named Ben McAdoo. It is unclear whether another of Tom Coughlin’s coordinators, Perry Fewell, will take the fall for another losing season. It didn’t sound that way with Coughlin on Tuesday. Good for Coughlin. You can’t keep blaming coordinators. Coughlin stays. Reese stays. If the future is so bright for the Giants, how come they need another fall guy this time around?

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But whether he can turn around what has been a sinking ship, and get the Giants back to the playoffs next season may go a long way toward how the Coughlin era is remembered — especially in the short term — and it could impact whether he turns that “potential” into a gold jacket and a bust in the Hall of Fame. Maybe he’ll get there anyway. Maybe in the long run his legacy is already is secured.

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The second global slavery index released in November by the Walk Free Foundation, an Australian-based human rights group, estimated that almost 36 million people were living as slaves, trafficked into brothels, forced into manual labor, victims of debt bondage or born into servitude.


Express Scripts, the largest manager ofprescription drug plans for U.S. employers, shocked the industrylast month by lining up a lower price for AbbVie's newhepatitis C treatment, adding to strains between drugmakers andinsurers over rising costs.

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The dollar ended 2014 up 12.8 percent against a basket ofmajor currencies, its best performance since 1997. Anexpected start to a Federal Reserve tightening cycle maystrengthen the dollar's appeal in the new year.

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"The FHFA settlement is likely to be the largest of theoutstanding litigation and conduct hits that RBS still faces,but there are many others, and they are likely to drag on formany years," Goodwin added.

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Jessie May Miller was awarded a BEM for services to the community in Oswestry and to women in northern Ghana through Buttons for Africa. Miss Miller, 31, of Nantmawr, said: “I am absolutely thrilled, if a little embarrassed. Honours are more usually given to people older than me, quite rightly, who have been involved in the community for decades.”

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The Shanghai government said 47 others received hospital treatment, including 13 who were seriously injured, after the chaos about a half-hour before midnight. Seven of the injured people had left hospitals by Thursday afternoon.

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The United States and its allies have carried out hundreds of air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Washington has also sent military support to Baghdad's Shi'ite-led government but its role in Syria - where it has called for President Bashar al-Assad to step down - is more limited.

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One of the doctors in the emergency ward says: "The children were so quiet when they were brought here after the attack. There is always screaming and crying in such a situation but they didn't make a sound. They were braver than adults."

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The Airbus A320 carrying 162 passengers and crew went down Sunday, halfway into a flight from Surabaya, Indonesia's second-largest city, to Singapore. Minutes before losing contact, the pilot told air-traffic control he was approaching threatening clouds, but was denied permission to climb to a higher altitude because of heavy air traffic.

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