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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015

LONDON, Jan 2 (Reuters) - The euro took another downwardlurch on Friday, sinking to a 4-1/2 year low against the dollaron clear indications that the European Central Bank will soonembark on outright money-printing.

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David Card, a labor economist and professor at the University of California-Berkeley, co-authored a 2003 paper showing that the unionization rate and the union wage differential — the pay advantage that comes with union membership — have fallen substantially since the early 1980s in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada — all industrialized countries where bargaining power is now considered “highly decentralized.”

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Toos Saniotoso, an Indonesian air safety investigator, said investigators "are looking at every aspect" as they try to determine why the plane crashed. "From the operational side, the human factor, the technical side, the ATC (air-traffic control) — everything is valuable to us."

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Thankfully, the good clients outweigh the bad clients, said the trainer, like Taylor Swift, who loves to play with Anderson's 2-year-old daughter Penny in between sweat sessions. Anderson will even train certain celebs pro bono if they have a lot of pressure riding on them for a big movie or concert. She said she feels their bodies are her responsibility.


Services from the capitals of Scotland and Northern Ireland direct to the heart of London "have proved popular with customers", so it is upgrading flights to London City from Edinburgh to six a day and from Belfast to four a day.

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No crashes or injuries were reported in the latest round of recalls, which largely focus on a potential defect in the electrical system of the vehicles. The issue was discovered in an internal review following warranty party returns, GM said.

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“Well, not wholesale changes,” Reese said. “Last year, we had to turn the roster over and we are not going to go out and spend a huge amount like we did this past offseason in free agency.”

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On Wednesday, Sony Pictures Entertainment made the film available through U.S. pay television operators and sold it through Wal-Mart Stores Inc's digital on-demand service, Vudu, and on Sony's PlayStation Network. The film is also available through Apple Inc iTunes store, where it was the top-selling movie on Wednesday.

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The seventh Winter Classic drew 42,832 to Nationals Park, an exclamation point to an event that helped validate D.C. as an established hockey town. Players stood on a sheet of blue ice meant to represent the Reflecting Pool during the national anthem, then faced off under a gorgeous blue sky — too gorgeous, if truth be told.

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Carloads of crude oil spiked well over 4000 percent between 2008 and last year — from 9,500 carloads to 435,560 — as production boomed and the cost for a barrel of oil soared into the triple digits.

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NEW YORK, Jan 2 (Reuters) - U.S. stocks edged lower onFriday, erasing earlier gains as investors found few reasons tobuy in the new year as crude oil prices continued to weaken anddata came in below forecasts.

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Kurt Stammberger, senior vice president for market development at the company, told earlier this week that his company turned over "raw data" to the FBI after briefing agents for two or three hours on Monday.

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Washington sends about $400 million in economic support aid to the Palestinians every year. Under U.S. law, that aid would be cut off if the Palestinians used membership in the International Criminal Court to make claims against Israel.

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Tele Columbus, owned by several hedge funds and credit fundsafter a financial restructuring, is Germany's third-largestcable operator behind Liberty Global's UnitymediaKabel BW and Vodafone's Kabel Deutschland.

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Ironically, Daniel is a fussy eater and has to be cajoled, persuaded, and occasionally threatened to eat his meals. So while Josie polishes her plate clean at one end of the table, he pushes the chicken round his plate at the other. I dream of a middle ground.

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