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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015

Woody Johnson is selling change to Jets fans as the way to improve. Mara is selling the status quo and Coughlin being able to will his team to a better season. The Giants will hope for better health in 2015 and a third straight solid draft for Jerry Reese.

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Palestinians seek a state in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem - lands Israel captured in the 1967 Six Day War. Palestinians consider the spread of Jewish settlements on occupied land a war crime which will deny them a viable state.

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Later on Wednesday, a freak wind funnel struck a concession area outside Pasadena's Rose Bowl stadium during a pregame event, hurling tents and canopies through the air as vendors and bystanders ran for cover. Four people were treated at the scene for minor injuries, fire officials said.

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Writing in the latest Rotunda clinical report, Dr Coulter-Smith said the Rotunda now looks after 2,500 more women than it did 10 years ago and on one day last year there were 47 deliveries in the hospital.

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Shamans from across Peru gathered on a beach in Lima on Monday to issue their predictions for the year ahead, focusing on better relations between the US and Cuba in 2015. Using fire, flowers and even a snake, the shamans conducted a special ritual to call on the spirits to assist the two countries, which recently agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations.

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Jennings (four years, $10 million, $2.98 million guaranteed) made it through 11 games and rushed for only 639 yards. Guard Geoff Schwartz (four years, $16.8 million, $6.2 million guaranteed) spent the first 11 games on injured reserve, then after he was activated he played only twice. Defensive end Robert Ayers (two years, $3.75 million) was the Giants’ leader with five sacks when he was injured in Game 12. And linebacker Jon Beason (three years, $16.8 million, $6 million guaranteed) proved his past injury issues were no fluke when he appeared in just four games.

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“I’ve had a couple of those, and I like them,” Alvarez, the school’s athletic director for the past 11 years, said after being doused with a sports drink and carried off the field after stopping a four-game skid in bowl games.

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On other fronts, the Federal Communications Commission could move in a matter of months to propose new "net neutrality" rules. Obama weighed in on that debate late last year, urging the FCC to regulate the Internet like other utilities.

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