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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015

* Oil's drop of about 50 percent was one of biggest storiesof 2014 and will continue to be in focus. Crude oil fell0.5 percent on Friday and remained on track for its 13thnegative week of the past 14, recently hitting its lowest sinceMay 2009.

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Reid, a Democrat, was taken to a hospital in Henderson by his security detail for treatment after being injured on Thursday. He was later transferred to the University Medical Center in nearby Las Vegas for further testing and kept overnight as a precaution.

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Alabama wideout Amari Cooper enjoyed headliner status coming into the game, but it was Thomas, the Buckeyes’ 6-3 sophomore, who held on for the game’s most impressive catch. Fellow wideout Evan Spencer spun a spiral 13 yards across the field to Thomas, and Thomas twisted in the air, caught the ball and lowered his left cleat onto the turf for a touchdown that pulled Ohio State within 21-20 before halftime. It marked the end of a first half during which Ohio State amassed 348 yards and Alabama gained 139.

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As 2014 fades, some of the big world issues seem to be reflected in the streets. Deranged characters from Sydney to Dijon and Tours have attacked people in the name of Islam. Racist assaults on Muslims have increased.

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CES is also the place that gadgets galore are introduced. This year there will be more phone power charging gizmos,like a solar page charger that can be placed inside a diary, and devices for opening car doors, like the InBlue smartphone and smartwatch-compatible automobile virtual key system.

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"It's wrong to put law enforcement in the position of having to make up for budget shortfalls with parking tickets, and it's even more wrong to ask its officers to soak already cash-strapped residents of hot spot neighbourhoods with mountains of summonses as part of a some stats-based crime-reduction strategy," he continues.

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Frogs reproduce in a variety of ways, the researchers said. In most species, fertilization happens outside of the female's body: the female lays eggs and the male then lays sperm on top of them. But in about a dozen species, the males fertilize the eggs inside the female's body.


Inside, the Black and White Editions get red piping on the seats, manual air conditioning, USB and AUX connectors, body-coloured trim around the air vents, and another no-cost option in the shape of Bluetooth connectivity.

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After the birds got tipsy, the researchers noticed several effects on different aspects of the bird songs. Their amplitude and entropy was majorly affected by the effects of alcohol. The inebriated birds struggled to sing loudly and failed to maintain their song's normal structure.

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“Illegal conversion of residential apartments for use by tourists just makes our city’s housing crunch worse,” Brewer said. “Especially when it occurs in taxpayer-subsidized affordable housing.”

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