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Editing the Hole Day

Posted: February 22nd, 2012

The last few days have been labor intensive to say the least. Yesterday we shot from morning until night, only taking a short break to refuel. It is a fact, the ice is melting. At the bottom of Helena’s inlet water is settling on the surface, making it difficult to travel further out. We have felt like we only have a few days left to complete our shots.

Today we were torn between going out on the ice again, and staying home to start editing. These days have not only been physically intense, but also mentally exhausting. We are working with and against time (melting) and it feels stressful to take a break to get the mental space we need in order to make decisions. Today we decided not to go out and instead review what we’ve done, and start hashing out some rough edits. This was the right move.

This piece has been so different from others we have worked on, the editing process is far more key. We think this is because the site we are working in is vast and open ended. This location hasn’t framed the structure of the piece in the same way as other sites we’ve worked in— where specific architecture (and the meaning it brings with it) has played such a distinctive role. This piece is about revealing what is in (and under) this blank space. It is about making connections between different forms of travel and markers in the landscape. These connections will be made through the editing process.

Today we edited together for the first time. Initially it was a little rocky because Blithe started by hopping on her computer and doing her thing without much discussion. Mary pulled the process back, opening it up for more dialog and collaboration.  Soon she was hopping on the computer making edits herself (a rarity in this dynamic duo).

11 am


6:30 pm

Today we went through many incarnations of the piece. We threw many shots out. Currently this piece is single channel (This gives Blithe anxiety because she is a multi-channel kind of gal. Mary on the other hand, is happy that she will not have to deal with more than one screen). This might change. This piece is slow and detailed. It reflects the nature of the action we are doing and the kind of observation we have experienced on the ice.

Sound is a question mark for us. The wind on the ice has been steady. We find it to be distracting and unpleasant on our recordings. Today we borrowed wireless microphones from Michael (thank you!) and will try to get a day out on the ice where we can focus on the audio. If not, we will have to work on another solution. More on that soon…

We have a deadline! We will show a work-in-progress version of the piece, and hold a discussion/feedback session next Monday at Verkligheten, the artist-run gallery in Umeå. We hope to see all of our new Swedish friends there. Everyone is invited!

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