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A Different Kind of Work: Ice Fishing Competition

Posted: February 19th, 2012

We took a break from shooting to go to an ice fishing competition in Holmsund today, no rx hosted by our new friends at Blixt Sports.  Mary fished while Blithe documented the event. The kuling (gale force winds) and snow unexpectedly joined in as well to add a higher degree of difficulty to the entire process.

There were around 50 or more people who made their way onto the ice.  The designated area spanned quite a large distance so many people walked over 30 minutes to choose a spot.  We were told the “big fish” were further away but Mary chose a spot close to the entrance of the inlet hoping to win with quantity over size.  The competition was judged by the weight of all the fish caught over the 2 hr time limit.

As the gun signaled the start everyone drilled their holes and began fishing.  The snow covered ice was littered with little dots of people sitting hunched over their freshly drilled ice holes.  The wind was blowing so hard it was difficult to see through the snow but most people seemed to remain resolute.

Mary is proud to report that she felt a fish nibble at her maggot (the bait used) yet she was unable to actually catch that or any fish.  With frozen fingers and wind burned cheeks she eventually made it back inside excited to have at least tried (and to get a hot cup of coffee).

As the other fishermen and women filed  from the ice they gathered inside to  weigh their catch.  Some coming in with a small bag of minnows while others brought in a surprisingly large amount.  It was really nice to see how after the fishing ended people stay around talking having coffee, lunch and of course waiting to see who had won.   The sport has the potential to be social while on the ice with two or more fishermen/women sitting together although it seemed to be mostly a solitary endeavor.  The social aspects mostly takes place before and after the actual fishing.  We got to experience a  very special community today.

Most people did not take the fish they caught home instead throwing it in a large bag for disposal.  To our relief, occasion someone would ask to take that bag home to cook or freeze the fish.  We snagged two large fish that became a great dinner after a cold day out on the ice.

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