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Excited but Dead Tired

Posted: February 17th, 2012

Today was a stark contrast from yesterday, the sun was shining and the weather was warm.

After a long day of shooting on the Holmsund ice we very excited but dead tired.

We did our first set of real shots, mostly of drilling  holes in the ice— that then fill with water and become pools, as well as markers along the horizon. As we were shooting some unexpected and thrilling moments happened on the boat lanes in the distance. We are very excited by what we have to work with, but will reveal more soon as we are more sure which shots we will actually choose to include in the piece.

We have a new challenge to our collaborative process with this project. In our previous work we have had many more visual limitations in the site we are working with. In the past, the site has helped determine the structure of the piece. Working on the ice and in this landscape is much more open ended, we are having to create the rules and parameters for the duration and framing of the work on our own. It hasn’t been easy to make these decisions. Today we created some rules to structure our shooting, but as soon as we created those rules, new options opened up. Decisions will be key here. This piece could go in so many directions, single-shot performance action, narrative, single-channel, multi-channel… regardless, it will be these decisions that make the art, not the lack of visual stimulation. This landscape is so alluring.

Tomorrow we will have a little break (sort of). We will be spending the day in a different part of Holmusund ice (closer to where the river meets the sea) for the ice fishing competition! Wish Mary luck!

More soon….

Holmsund Shoot, 2/17/12, Coble/Riley Projects

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