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Conquered by the Kuling!

Posted: February 16th, 2012

The day started off with yet another example of how generous people in Umeå have been to us.  We needed to find an isborr (ice drill) before we could continue test shooting.  Our first thought to was visit Blixt Sport , cialis sale where we went a few days ago to ask about the ice fishing competition.  When we presented the problem of being artists who were working on an “art project” and were in need of an isborr to rent or buy they immediately said no problem that we could just borrow one.  A huge shout out to Olaf and Søren for supporting us like this.

We headed out to Holmsund with the sun shining and upon our arrival we got a sms from Helena who said that it was a bit windy by the water today.  It seemed mild as we got off the bus but as we moved closer to the water we could tell we were in for a day like we had yet to experience.


Today we had the new element of intense wind.

Helena told us that in Swedish there are different words for variations of wind and this one could be considered a “Kuling”, viagra which we think can be translated into gale force winds.

Along with the wind it started to snow.  This all converged into snow being blowing sideways by a wind that could almost knock you over.  The horizon line was barely visably most of the time we were out and by the time we made it inside there was a full white out on the ice.

Before deciding we had to get inside we tried to record a few shots that we test yesterday without having the isborr including one from Helena’s porch which overlooks the bay and provides the opportinity of a much higher camer position.  Mary’s job was to transverse the ice while stopping to sweep clear three large spots in the snow and then to drill a hole in each spot.  The snow was blowing so hard that none of the actions read the way we had anticipated.  Meanwhile Blithe is freezing while trying to stand quietly and keep the camera from being blown over.


It was a quite unique and special experience being in such extreme conditions but we finally had to admit to being conquered by the kuling and dragged ourselves inside for a warm cup of tea.

Tomorrow is a new day and if kuling free we will pick up where we left off.

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