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Day 1 of Test Shots (Damn Buoy!)

Posted: February 14th, 2012

Today we did our first round of test shots. When we got to Holmsund the day was bright and sunny, try by the time we got down to the ice, the clouds came in and the landscape quickly turned  to shades of grey.

We found the buoys to be more playful than we anticipated. We were hoping that they would ground the landscape, and act as markers. Instead their movement was sporadic and  unpredictable. When on a rope they seemed like little buoy pets.

In response, we detached the pets from their leash and tried placing them methodically one by one. This proved to have more of the impact we were looking for, but we are still unconvinced that we want to focus on these objects for our project.

A couple stills from today…

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