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Thank god that’s over!

Posted: February 13th, 2012

Today we conquered several obstacles. We are now set up perfectly for heading out to Holmsund tomorrow to begin shooting.

We began the day by strategizing how to lug all of our objects we needed to spray paint to the Fine Arts Academy, where there is a ventilation system. We transformed our $10 sleds into transport wonder machines! This allowed us to pull our buoys, ropes and balls through the snow with ease.  We will never go sledless again!

We made a stop at the paint store and found the stuff to cover the plastic and foam surfaces of our buoys.  However when we arrived at the academy, we  faced new obstacles. The spray booth we planned to use had not been set up yet, and that the air pump we needed to inflate the buoys did not have the attachment. (The Fine Arts building is brand new, and so many of the facilities are not yet operational.)

In response, we constructed our own spray booth out of foam. We opened a door, but it did not stop the fumes permeating the entire school. Mary also traipsed around town in search of an inflation device, and finally found a cycle shop willing to help inflate our buoys.  (Shout out to Gustave at Cykel and Mopedhandlaren i Umeå for his help! You guys are the best!)

The first spray job was unsuccessful. The small balls did not hold the paint, and immediately chipped. At this point the frustration level was high, but was shortly relieved when the foam and plastic buoys received the paint well.   After 4 rigorous hours of getting high on paint fumes our buoys were bright, colorful and buoyant.

As Mary’s reward (she did all the spray painting) we stopped by the local fishing store– Blix Sports to ask about the ice fishing competition on Saturday. Helena turned us onto this place, she said if we were interested in ice fishing, this was the place to go. She was right. It’s confirmed, we’re entered for the ice fishing competition this Saturday!  Okay to be honest, Mary is in since she is the one interested in actually fishing.  Blithe will cheer, laugh and interview the other ice fishermen/women.

Tomorrow… more gearing up, sleds and lugging. It’s alright though, we know there is ice at the end of the tunnel.

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