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Coble/Riley on ice (Riley takes a plunge)

Posted: February 12th, 2012

Today we returned to Holmsund and were able to turn many of our dreams into reality.

* Dream #1.
Helena (one of our Iaspis hosts) picked us up in her car. It was so nice to take a break from walking.

* Dream #2.
We went to a spot where we can walk all over the ice without having to worry about falling in. This spot is by the old saw mill. There we met ice fisherman/women (Dream #3), saw an old abandoned boat in the ice, and daredevil snowmobilers and ice motorbikers! We asked one of the fisherman what is the secret to the sport. He joked, “I have been wondering the same thing.” He followed up by saying that a good spot is important as is patience. After this conversation Mary felt like she too can ice fish and win a competition (she is coordinating our first excursion as we speak).

* Dream #4.
We went to the furthest point of Helena’s inlet where we are planning to shoot our video.

At this point, Mary got to watch Blithe fall into the ice, in a way that was not life threatening and amusing (one leg only, shin level). After Blithe’s fall, Helena took us back to her house to swap clothes, and have coffee and lunch. Here we also met Helena’s husband, Åke.







* Dream #5.

Helena and Åke informed us that they had an isborr, or an ice drill. We went out to the ice and dug our first ice holes. We saw how thick the ice was, and how deep the water is at different points along the inlet. This process was fascinating and inspiring (and a workout). We were able to also do a quick test of one of our ideas, and found out it will work! We are getting much closer to beginning to shoot.

* Dream #6.
We got to ride on these ice skate sled thingys that we have seen people in Holmsund using to get around. They work exceptionally well on the ice. We think this might be come part of our video, or at the very least be used for carting around our gear!

Dream #7.
Helena and Åke offered to let us use their house and their storage shed as a home-base when we are working on our project.  This is an extremely generous and means that we will have a spot to rest and take a break from the cold.

One final unexpected treat was going to Helena’s studio in a wonderful old school house close to the harbor. Her studio is huge, and we were able to here a little more about her practice as well. Here is a link to the Delta project that she did with her collaborator Gerd Aurell. This project also explores the waterways around Umea and Holmsund and the lives of the people that live there.

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