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We found the Boj!

Posted: February 11th, 2012

Today we got on the bus, on a quest to JULA (the Swedish Home Depot meets WallMart) looking for buoy’s, or boj. Most of our ideas have surrounded the ice, how to measure its depth, the pace of the water underneath, safe zones and pathways for travel. We are planning to use a series of buoys on string as markers, as ways to delineate parts of the ice, help convey the tension of where and where not to travel, and to frame the landscape.

Blithe with boj


Yesterday we thought through ways to make our own buoy’s. We collected styrofoam from building sites around the university, and talked to various people about tools to help us shape the material into balls. As we were planning,  we started to feel the time constraints. We are now on week 2, and things take time here. Stores close at 3 on weekends, or are not open at all, and we are mostly on foot… although are now getting a hang of the bus system.

For the sake of our project we have also decided not to travel to the mountains (to a region called Saxonus). We are torn making this decision since everyone tells us how wonderful it is there. But today, we realized that this trip was placing another time constraint on us and adding stress. Mary reminded us that we need to make sure to have fun while we are working. It was nice to be reminded that should also be a priority.

So today we decided to suck it up and buy a lot of boj. We have plans for modifying these objects to make them our own. It is important to us that they stand out on the ice, so we are planning to paint them.

Final boj purchase

Tomorrow we return back to Holmsund, to the sea, where we will see some other areas that we did not go to initially. We will also go back to the ice, and do some measuring of distance. We will begin our first rounds of tests for the video camera.

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