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IASPIS Seminar & buoys

Posted: February 10th, 2012

Yesterday Coble/Riley Projects spoke at the iaspis seminar.   The day long seminar was full of interesting insight into various formulations of collaboration in the arts.

We ate lunch at Sävargården, which serves traditional Nordic food and is in a beautiful historic mansion.  There and at dinner and drink afterwards we had the great opportunity to talk with the other seminar participants and our iaspis hosts

Today we planned to see the ship and fishing museum however they are closed for the winter so we longingly looked at the displays through the windows.

We spent time brainstorming and came to the conclusion that we could not fight the pull of Holmsund and the frozen sea.  We are now in search of buoys (or “boj” in swedish) and are considering constructing them ourselves if we cannot find what we need.

A night stroll in the forest finished off the day. Tomorrow more searching and deciding…..


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