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The Sea

Posted: February 8th, 2012

Today we went to the sea. Helena, a local artist and one of the hosts of Iaspis invited us to come to Holmsumd, where she has a house on a small inlet that leads to the ocean. We were told that people had been seen crossing the ice there.

We took a walk down one side of the inlet hugging the bank. We occasionally walked on the ice, but felt nervous to walk out fully because there were cracks and jagged peaks. Apparently the ice has been unpredictable this year due to changes in air pressure. When the ice is also covered in snow, it is also nerve-wracking as you can’t see what is underneath. We are interested in this tension.

Walking to the Sea

We planned to reach the outer most point, but quickly realized that it would take too long in the cold. We did make it to a secondary point.  This landscape opened up a whole new dialog for us. We are talking about feeling both simultaneously open and constrained, there is a promise of being able to walk anywhere (to islands, to Finland!) but the reality is foreboding and even life-threatening. We found some spots that we will most likely return to.

Out on secondary point

The light changes so quickly here. We talked about how this will effect the perceptions of the environment on video, and the challenges of splicing together a recorded performance with these drastic shifts.

On our walk back we met Helena on the ice. She told us that an ice fisherman had been sitting in the middle while we were on our walk. We went to the spot where he had been sitting. Mary investigated the fishing hole, and found the ice was a little less than a foot thick. With Helena’s help, we got the courage to walk to the other side of the inlet. We now know there is one spot we can cross.

We ended the day back at Helena’s house with delicious traditional Swedish waffles, strawberry jam, tea, and a salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, kiwi, and oranges. We all walked back to the bus, exhausted and elated. We feel so lucky to be here.

Swedish Waffles

Tomorrow we will talk about our work and practice as part in the Iapsis seminar about artist collaboration at the Västerbottens Museum.

iaspis seminar

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  1. 1 Ludwig said at 2:51 pm on February 9th, 2012:

    Great pictures too. I get to see this place through a visitor’s eyes, which is quite lovely. We’re lucky to have you guys.

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