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Walking Umeå

Posted: February 5th, 2012

We have explored over 13 miles (21 kilometers) along the Umeå River including two small islands off its banks.

Journey around Umeå

The cold continues. Yesterday -6F, Today 5F!

Umea Signs

The river and surrounding islands are very accessible by foot. We’ve been walking on cleared pedestrian foot and bike paths almost entirely. 

Path along Umea River










Despite the cold temperatures, the river is still too cold for us to cross. Evidently though…. some critters are.

Animal tracks onto Ume River
View from Pedestrian Bridge

Path to Ume River

Forest at the end of the island

Meeting Umeå Artists!
Yesterday we were invited to a dinner at an artist-run space called Verkligheten Galleri, where local artists held the first meeting of the newly formed artist association in Umeå.  There were over thirty artists present. We had many interesting conversations about what it was like to work in Umeå, and in Sweden in general. We talked about the pros and cons of government support of the arts. It was a great opportunity to connect with the community here.

Umea Artist Association Dinner 






All of this exploration has generated many ideas. Tomorrow we will take a break from the outside and hopefully start to formulate the beginnings of a project plan.

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