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We arrived in Umeå!

Posted: February 2nd, 2012

We had a great welcome at the airport by Brita (a curator from the BildMuseet) and Micael (a professor at the Umeå Art Academy), both whom are representatives from the IASPIS Residency Program who invited us to Umeå.

Today we got a tour of the newly constructed Umeå Art Academy, where we were introduced to a few students and staff and were shown to the office that we’ll be able to work in while here.  The academy sits directly on the banks of the Ume River which immediatly caught our attention as it’s totally covered in snow and has the potential to freeze solidly enough to be walked across.

Then we walked around the city center where we discovered how incredible cold it is here as Mary slid down a slide made of ice which was part of a huge snow castle and Blithe’s eyelashes became tiny frozen icicles.  We also noted that walking a lot in snowboots is difficult.








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