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“Ascension/Immersion” Press Release

Posted: March 10th, 2011

Conner Contemporary Art is pleased to present concurrent exhibitions of “Paladins and Tourists, treatment ” featuring new drawings and video by Zoë Charlton; “Stress Cone,” a new sculptural installation by Mia Feuer; and the premier of “Ascension/Immersion,” a collaborative video project by Mary Coble and Blithe Riley.

Ascension/Immersion, Coble/Riley Projects 2009


Mary Coble and Blithe Riley make their collaborative debut with the Gallery as Coble/Riley Projects in their two-channel video “Ascension/Immersion.” On-site in the woods of Maine, the artist team transformed an abandoned decaying, spring house into a platform for performance by cutting two large holes in the roof, which allowed a sole performer (Coble) to enter the structure from above and then exit from below. We watch and listen as the protagonist repeatedly drops 5 feet into a pool of water inside the spring house, then climbs outside through the roof, to drop in the water yet again, with no explicit goal. The performer’s sequential actions of emergence and ascension are visible simultaneously on the split screen, creating a sense of dislocated time. The continuous unfolding of an unexplained ritual within the format of “Ascension/Immersion” generates an absorbing visual rhythm, while the ambiguity of the video’s imagery gives rise to various possible meanings that can attend the oscillation between internal and exterior states. Read the full Press Release

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First Solo Exhibition at Conner Contemporary Art

Posted: March 1st, 2011

March 19 – April 30, sick 2011

We are excited to announce that Coble/Riley Projects will be having their first solo exhibition at Conner Contemporary Art in Washington, troche DC with the video Ascension/Immersion.

Please join Blithe who will be in attendance at the opening on March 19th.

On March 18th, Blithe will be representing Coble/Riley Projects as the speaker for the Friday Gallery Talks at Hirshhorn Museum, which will address the work of Marina Abramović, the connection between video and performance, and strategies of archiving and historicizing the medium.

Untitled 1 & 2 (from Ascension/Immersion), 2009

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