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Goodbye London and the Trip Home

Posted: March 8th, 2010

Blogging from New York! Still running on very little energy, but happy to be in my native time zone. Yesterday was a bit of a blur, Mary and I woke up to post party madness in the office. Last nights rave left bodies littered on the floor sleeping on couch cushions, and one final drunken art installation in the bathroom. Here are few priceless snaps of our post-party organizer friends.

Gadi waking up on the radio station floor:

Nathan sleeping on last nights dance floor

Remnants of a bathroom Happening

Mary and I headed to Camden to get gifts to bring home. We felt like posers getting tourist knickknacks since we never made it to the city center, so we mainly stocked up on the staples of our trip— tea, cheap biscuits, chocolate (although Mary did get a bad ass skull and crossbones british flag patch, and I bought a very bright purple I heart London hoodie.)

We then headed back to the estate to say our goodbyes. We said a final farewell on on the Market Estate radio, and hugs to Gadi, Chris, Nathan and Gaby, and to the building. I felt a little sad knowing that the estate will soon be gone, but we are also happy that we got to work on site while it was still there. This place was so generative and productive to our work, and we feel great about what we’ve left with. We only can hope that the future of this site is a positive one, for the new residents that will be housed in the next incarnation of flats built, and for the neighborhood overall. We look forward to following its progress from a distance, as well as future endeavors from the TallTales organizers.

Chris, the Market Radio Host with sleepy Mary

One Final Group Shot:

Gaby and Lihu helped us lug our bags to the tube as we headed to the airport. We were so happy to have them with us since we were re-routed and would have been terribly confused otherwise. Mary and I departed on the train, although goodbye for us just means until the next email or phone call. We still have work to do in our near future, finalizing our installation edits, and finding the right venue to show this work that we’re proud of. We look forward to showing what we’ve done, taking the time to process and reflect on the project, do some writing, and get feedback.

Thanks to all who followed us on our trip. We will continue to actively post, probably not daily, but regularly. Stay tuned for our finished pieces.

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