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Final Day at The Market Estate

Posted: March 7th, 2010

Today was the big day around The Market Estate. Everyone was up early, and I’m sure many never went to bed.   After Blithe edited into the early morning and I prepared our room, we both had to rely on caffeine and adrenaline to push us through.

The excitement could be felt everywhere today.  Lots of great art. Lots of people came to check it out.  The queue wrapped around the corner to get into the estate.

Blithe and I are both in bed while a huge party is currently happening upstairs. I hear dancing, yelling and European techno, I believe.  We are too exhausted to join in, but I’m happy that everyone is having the chance to celebrate their hard work.

Today we showed both the three-channel and two-channel videos in our old home-the 6th floor flat.

We got a lot of good feedback and talked with the hundreds of people who came to see the work.  We also had the pleasure of being visited by friends throughout the day.

Maria, our new friend and artist working here as well said something that I felt was very true tonight.  She said, “What you’ve done is impossible.  It’s just not possible to come to a new place and make this kind of work in two weeks.”  I agree but we did do this and I’m very pleased with what we are coming away from here with-not just the work but the experience as a whole.

This is all for tonight but not for the blog.

There will be more soon on the day today and our reflections of the Market Estate experience after some sleep and a flight across the Atlantic.

Congratulations everyone!!

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