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Market Estate: Don’t know the day or time: Midnight oil

Posted: March 6th, 2010

Nearly 3 am. I am editing and Mary is sleeping. Still working on our piece for tomorrow. Ran into some technical challenges today- Final Cut made our videos look horrible at 33% scale when exported to DV. Since we don’t have three projectors, we are doing a mock-up on one screen. So now everything must go into AfterEffects… probably for the best, but more time consuming.

Excited to see the project come together and get a chance to relax a bit tomorrow.

To tired to say much, but here are some highlights:
Mary installed projector shelves despite a lack of powertools and decent walls.
Naya and Hans came over and we got a quick bite. It was wonderful to see them.
Gaby brought us homemade lemon poppy seed muffins.
Maria left us a super special bar of chocolate on our door.

Must get back to work. Many photos tomorrow.
Sending love to all the artists up right now. Birds are starting to chirp.

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