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Market Estate: Thirteenth Day, Compiling!

Posted: March 4th, 2010

Morning: We discuss the installation of our piece. Blithe wants it on the windows. Mary does not want to lift anything. Blithe offers to cover them herself. Mary says no way, ambulance prescription you must edit all day and night. Tension. And its before coffee. Not smart.

Blithe goes to edit. Mary covers windows.

Midday we meet with Gaby, ask who is liaison between the organizers for details regarding our residency. She is doing her MA thesis at St. Martins on the subject of artist residencies in “conflicted areas.” She is including the Market Estate project as one of these sites, and we meet with her weekly to talk about our experience here. Today we had a especially good talk about how our time here has been generative and fruitful, while challenging.

We MOVED! We no longer live in the Estate. We live about 20 feet away in the office. It has heat and showers! We are happy although are sacrificing a little privacy. However we knew that it was time to move when the vomit was cleaned from the stairwell. When it moved, we knew we had to also.

Mary and Gadi cooked dinner tonight in the office.

Gadi in the kitchen!

It was nice to sit around a table with everyone and get a taste of the community experience we have been craving. One thing that we have missed is getting quality time with the organizers and other artists and having a space for dialog. It was nice to have  a little of that tonight, if however brief.

The night closes with Blithe and Mary drinking and looking at edited footage. We make some clear decisions about the rough cut of the Corridor video. We will finish a cut of it tomorrow. Blithe did some bulk editing on our three channel piece, although we have yet to make any structural decisions. That will be also be tomorrow.

The organizers are working very hard. The whole place is buzzing with artists as projects are being completed.

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