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Market Estate: Day 12: Our final shot

Posted: March 4th, 2010

Day 12 was stressful, but ultimately very productive. The site for our final shot hovers over another artists work, and the plans for that work include building a sculpture directly in our shot. So we realized that if we were going to complete our idea we had to act quickly. We spent the morning negotiating a time for us to shoot, and how we could protect her piece since this last shot involved heaving the pile off a balcony, an act that was just plain dangerous.

Once everything was settled we found out that a group of school kids were scheduled to play paintball right next to our site, and exactly during the time we had scheduled. For an hour or so we really thought that we weren’t going to be able to execute our idea, but thanks to Gadi and Anna (the artist who’s piece is in the shot location) we were able to finish.

The shot itself was stressful since we had to finish it in one take. Thankfully Mary performed without skipping a beat and the light cooperated for a full 40 minutes.

Mary is so happy to be done with the pile:

Sassy Pile:

Now we assemble what we’ve done. We are currently editing the first piece that we shot in one of the building corridors. Despite the fact that we were initially lukewarm on that piece, it is actually coming out really nice. Visually we are extremely happy with it and we think that it achieves the idea that we were going for— mainly talking about how the building architecture contributes to a type of  bodily conditioning, and to a production of fear. More often than not the anxiety experienced here is produced from the possibility of what might happen, what is invisible and unpredictable. The piece is ultimately simple and quiet, very different from the other one. We will post video when its completed.

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