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Market Estate: 10th Day: The Pile Moved Again

Posted: March 1st, 2010

Today we realized the second part of our three part shoot. We had the intention of taping  early this morning, but awoke to bright blue sunny skies. While normally this is happy occasion in London, it caused anxiety as we waited for the sun to retreat. In the meantime, we conducted a number of tests for Part 3, which we plan to shoot tomorrow (weather and general Estate life permitting). We are still unresolved about the location, as its difficult to decide the final resting place for our pile. So many options, so many potential meanings. We really want to get this last shot right, we know we are close…

We also had a brief but very nice lunch with Mary’s friend Jane from Denmark. We gave her a tour of the Estate and of the dynamics of the project. We all huddled around a cardboard box and ate fresh bread, fruit, goat cheese and veggies.

At around 2 pm the sun was no longer full force at our shoot spot, and we went for it. The hole that we’ve carved out of the fence prompts many curious visitors which makes it difficult to shoot steadily. Our footage is littered with unexpected faces peeping through our hole as Mary is heaving large heavy crap. Mary nearly lost it when a moving truck parked in our frame. Blithe guarded the shot as bunch of curious and rude men (exclaiming how good red heads are in bed… grrrr) wanted to know what was going on.

In the end we got our video shot, and its a good take. Depending on how Part 3 goes and the weather for the next few days, Blithe may or may not insist on another take with more consistent lighting.

All in all life on the Market Estate is getting a little weary. We are eager to finish our shooting, lugging our equipment and the infamous pile, and the return to a regular bathing schedule. No complaints though, art is being made.

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