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Market Estate Day 9: Shot 1, Take 2

Posted: February 28th, 2010

Today involved reconstructing a pile of objects much like yesterday. Mary dragging piles of debris and heavy objects back and forth while Blithe had to sit perfectly still for hours concentrating on the sights and sounds of the performance for video. Neither one of us envies the others part in this collaboration nor could we do it without the other.

We’ve chosen a concept that is very physically demanding which is becoming more apparent as the days continue.

We re-shot the video we made yesterday in order to see what it would be like in the rain. It was challenging because we were not only dealing with the exhausting work but were also cold and wet.

Once we had all the equipment set up we couldn’t leave the underbelly of the Market Estate so we ended up eating lunch in down there which meant we were there for over 6 hours.  We doubted the sanitation of these conditions.

It was well worth it because now we have two versions of a great video to choose from.

In general I’m really enjoying the broad range of experiences I’m having here. The office, remedy which is like a big community center is becoming very busy with different artists coming in and out. Faces are starting to become familiar and welcomed as some artist are working on site as much as we are. Everyday it seems as if I meet someone new. I like being able to take a few minutes to learn a bit about them and to chat about what they are working on and

The sheer amount of time that we have here to focus on exploring this site and making work in response is quite a gift. We talked tonight about not knowing how long we could keep this up but really enjoying it in this moment.

Tomorrow we will be working on another video involving the transportation of objects through the giant hole we cut into the fence next to the Market Estate.

The hole has been a source of anxiety because we do not want the teenagers that have been somewhat troublesome around the Estate to decide to explore where it leads. We’ve had to be very vigilant about boarding ourselves in when we are working below as well as closing the hole as soon as we are done working.

We have less than a week left to complete two more videos that we would like to shoot. It’s crunch time but I think we are more than up for this challenge.

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