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Market Estate Day 8: This is getting real.

Posted: February 26th, 2010


-Get up early

-Run a very long extension cord out of a 2nd story flat over a driveway, recipe a fence and down into the belly of the Market Estate.

-We planned for rain and actually decided that it was essential to the piece.  It was a safe bet since it’s rained most every day since we’ve gotten here.

-Set up lighting and shoot the first part of our three channel video.

-We also hoped to get a construction worker on site to cut a large hole into a wooden fence for us for a later shoot.


-We get up early…. to an amazingly beautiful and sunny day. We wait, generic we plan, cialis we do other things.  The sun shines.  The shoot is postponed.

-The construction worker only has a grinder and cannot possibly cut our hole. We do however get official permission to cut the said hole.  That is a bonus.

Noon hits.  We’re frustrated that nothing goes as planned and wonder if these videos are going to happen.


-Gadi not only locates but buys us a jigsaw saving us hours and more frustration.

-Mary cuts the hole herself while wearing Blithe’s furry gloves, which is slightly demeaning.

-We marvel out the gigantic hole until the notorious teens who hang out at the Estate begin to marvel with us.  We decide that we need to cover the opening asap as to not entice them to enter the space where we have already began setting up for our shoot.  We nail boards back over the hole until the rain comes and we can begin working.  Fingers are crossed that this will happen tomorrow.

In the meantime we realize that this rare sunny day may actually have given us an opening to shoot the modified version of an earlier video that needed a lot of improvements.

We quickly set up for the shoot, the sun holds out and by 6pm we are watching the footage at our new editing station in the offices.  We ended up getting some quite successful and unexpected work done today.

Day 7

We are exhausted but adrenaline and the exciting potential of this project will continue to push us through.

This is getting real.

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