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Market Estate: 6th Day… Shopping, Hating, and Loving

Posted: February 24th, 2010

Today was up and down. We started the day by looking for performance outfits at H & M, what we figured was the sweatyist shop we could find to get matching solids. Mary got a bad ass gender and color neutral outfit, which made her feel good.

We ate a traditionally crappy British lunches, strangely toasted meat sandwich with tasteless ham, and a BLT that tasted like ham. Then the daily trek to our rock, the delicious and thrifty polish bakery for apple turnovers and fresh bread.

We tested video shots with the grey outfit, and then came back to watch that test, as well as the other footage we have shot over the past couple days. The footage was… well… boring.

The gray outfit blended into the background of the Estate and Mary looked like a little gray blob floating across the screen, doing unclear blobby things. Blithe fell asleep to her own footage. Mary sighed a lot, looking hard for the meaning in it all. (Note: if you have to look that hard, it just might not be there). There was some tension in the air.

And then we had tea.

We talked about what we had and what we wanted. We made lots of drawings, moved around furniture to simulate shots, and made some diagrams. Eventually we came up with two sketches for different but related pieces, one focusing on the underbelly of the building (which has a endurance performance flair) and another spicing up the shots we were already working with (adding some filmic drama). We are both really excited.

Tomorrow. Thrift stores. Our revised ideas require us to get extremely filthy. We need work clothes. More tests, possibly saws and wire cutters (Gadi if you are reading this, don’t worry, or better yet, don’t ask).

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  1. 1 lauren said at 12:05 am on February 25th, 2010:

    FLAIR! I love it.

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