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Market Estate: Day 5: Under the Estate

Posted: February 24th, 2010

Today we explored under the Estate. When we first arrived we noticed a construction area beside of Market Estate. It looked as if there was a portion of the Estate held up on columns and this was the flooded open basement of sorts. Visually it immediately caught our attention and we put it on our list for future exploration.

After borrowing some rubber boots we went to check out the site in the snow and rain. We discovered that this must have been a storage area for the residents. There are numbered metal cages that have been left open and exposed to the elements. One side is a brick wall while the other is completely open. Pictures will best explain this. The concrete floor is flooded and water drips from the grates above. There is natural and man-made detritus littering the space. It’s perfect.

This is amazing…we both really responded to this aspect of the Estate and started shooting some test film right away. We experimented with moving through the space and conceptually considering what this “underground” location has to offer our project as a whole. After a few hours of this we then went back to what we worked on yesterday and shot more footage of ideas we formulated over dinner last night.

Today was a rather exciting day. Blithe ended it by spending time with her long time friend Annie while Mary met an artist Paulette Phillips who happened to be in London for a short time as well who was introduced by a friend. You should check out her work at at

Tomorrow…the project is really starting to form. We need to find some “performance clothes” and start some serious shooting.

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