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Market Estate Day 4: First Recordings

Posted: February 22nd, 2010

We woke up to snow and rain. Our goal for today gain access to the roof on the building across from us. We spent a good portion of the day tracking down the caretaker, tadalafil who ended up being  extremely generous with his time as we walked all over the Estate, attempting to open secret doors that could lead to the roof. At the end, we found that the key we need does not exist. We are still determined to figure out a way to get up there, even if it requires a crowbar at a later date.

We then took the rest of the day to conduct a number of tests on video in the Estate corridors. We rigged our tripod to a dolly, and Mary walked at a variety of speeds, including sprinting up and down many stairs as Blithe yelled orders from 6 stories above and across a large parking lot. This exhausted us both, and we needed some alone time afterwords.

We reviewed our footage and were disappointed by some of the shots, excited by others. We will conduct more tests tomorrow, and will attempt to get under the foundation of the building as part of the Estate is elevated on columns.

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