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Hello Everybody!

Posted: January 15th, 2010

Welcome to the new home of Mary & Blithe’s collaborations. We’ll be blogging regularly as we prepare for our next collaboration, a site-specific installation in a 1960’s housing complex in London called Market Estate. We are very excited!

February 6, 2010 we will be having a fundraiser in D.C at Red Dirt Studios, where Mary is currently an artist in resident. There will be beer, soup and special artist goodies. DC artists and arts lovers come out and show your support and meet some great people!

About the Market Estate Project

We have been invited to participate in the Market Estate Project, an event transforming 100 empty flats in a 1960s housing estate in London into an art production site and exhibition arena, right before its slated demolition. For our project we will be modifying a section of the housing complex into a kind of set, that we will create a series of performances for video. We will then project these performance interventions back in the space, transforming the space once again through a multi-channel video installation. Working within the constraints of the location and our allotted 2-week timeframe, we will be working spontaneously— responding to the environment including its recent history of as a housing project, its current state as empty relic, and its future as a vacant demolished lot.

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